470th Court Forms

Bench Trial Scheduling OrderPDF / Word  (eff. 7/27/2018)

Jury Trial Scheduling OrderPDF / Word  (eff. 1/24/2018)

Venire Seating Chart PDF – this is the layout of a 45-person venire panel in the 470th courtroom

Sample Affidavit for Prove-Up of Agreed DivorcePDFWord  (as of 7/3/2018)

Sample Affidavit for Prove-Up of Original Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship PDFWord  (as of 7/11/2018)

Financial Information Statement (FIS)PDF / Word – if you are requesting spousal support, a financial information statement may be helpful

Proposed Property DivisionPDF / Excel – a proposed property division is required for final divorce trials.  You do not have to use this form.  If you do not prepare your own proposed property division in advance, we will require you to fill this worksheet out on the day of trial.

Agreement MemorandumPDF – use this form as a checklist for temporary or final orders. Using this form to prove up agreements can make it easier to prepare an order.

Attorney Withdrawal ChecklistPDF – use this helpful checklist to be sure you have completed all required steps to withdraw.

Courtroom Decorum Order for Media and High-Profile CasesPDF – this is the court’s policy for media coverage in the courtroom.

CPS Scheduling WorksheetExcel – this Excel spreadsheet may help calculate deadlines in CPS cases.  This spreadsheet is merely a resource and is not legal advice or a court order.  Use at your own risk!

Contempt Commitment FormWord – In addition to a written order holding a respondent in contempt, a commitment must be signed, directing the sheriff to take the respondent into custody.