Am I Allowed To…?

I often receive questions from clients about what they’re permitted to do in a divorce to obtain evidence:

Can I record calls?
Can I put a hidden camera in our home?
Can I put a GPS tracker on my spouse’s car?

These questions are governed by a confusing mix of state and federal laws that can have steep financial and criminal penalties. Importantly, there are no exceptions for spouses.

In order to answer some of the most common questions, I’ve put together a brochure aimed at non-lawyers, and available for download here.

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Emily Miskel

Judge Emily Miskel was appointed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott as the first judge of the 470th family district court of Collin County, Texas. She graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Law School and she is board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Find Emily on Google+, Facebook, and other social media.

One thought on “Am I Allowed To…?”

  1. Very useful brochure. I had to look into the phone bits myself when working on a service to record calls ( I found the website very useful. It is aimed at reporters so some details may not apply to domestic situations but thought it might be useful for readers who do not live in Texas and need to know the rules for where they live.

    Of course once you have decided what is legal feel free to check out to handle the actual recording of the calls if that is useful to anyone. 🙂

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