Does ‘Sperm Donor’ Mean ‘Dad’?

The Jason-Patric-assisted-reproduction story has been in the news, and earlier this week, the New York Times did a lengthy story on it.

The actor Jason Patric dated Danielle Schreiber on and off for many years. During a time when they were “off” but friendly, they agreed to use his sperm so that she could have a child, Gus. After Gus was born, they reconciled, and then eventually broke up when Gus was about two years old. Jason sued for custody, while Danielle claimed he was merely a sperm donor with no parental rights.

In a similar Texas case, In re Sullivan, an unmarried man and woman agreed to conceive a child through assisted reproduction, and signed a “co-parenting agreement.”  When the man later tried to claim parental rights, the woman moved to dismiss his case because a donor is not a parent under Texas law.  Continue reading Does ‘Sperm Donor’ Mean ‘Dad’?