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Money Without Matrimony
A book for non-married couples to manage finances together

A clever divorce lawyer’s business card

Top Ten Reasons Entrepreneurs Hate Lawyers
The article’s aimed at business lawyers, but most of the points apply across the board.

Maryland to Immediately Recognize Gay Marriages Performed in Other States
And DC:

I Should Have Read My Islamic Marriage Contract
The author has two masters degrees from Columbia, but talks about why she signed this important contract without reading it.

Domestic Violence happens at all levels – a litigator at prestigious New York firm Skadden has sued her husband for $30 million and is pressing criminal charges. The former Xerox general counsel and white house lawyer allegedly tried to kill her in their multi-million dollar home.

Can mediation make sense for battered spouses?

A follow up on the religious restraining order from my last email

Latest Suit for Return of Engagement Ring
A twist — he accuses his former love of pulling the same scam on other would-be husbands.

Utah Criminalizes “Reckless” Behavior by Pregnant Women
Using the legal standard of “reckless behavior,” all a district attorney needs to show is that a woman behaved in a manner that is thought to cause miscarriage, even if she didn’t intend to lose the pregnancy. Drink too much alcohol and have a miscarriage? Under the new law such actions could be cause for prosecution. The standard is so broad, Bird says, “there nothing in the bill to exempt a woman for not wearing her seatbelt who got into a car accident.” Such a standard could even make falling down stairs a prosecutable event.
Plus, does the bill criminalize cancer treatment?

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