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File Away, but Pick the Right Status
Quick overview of federal filing statuses – note that since Texas is a community property state, this complicates the “married filing separately” status – I had a client recently make a mistake on how to do this.
Punitive Damages are Tax-Deductible
Lawyer’s Lover Ordered to Pay $9M in Alienation of Affection Case
North Carolina still allows wives to sue mistresses for their causing their husbands’ affairs.
Office-Friendly Plants
70% of employers (in the United States) rejected potential employees because of information found out about them online
However, fewer than 15% of people believe their online information will matter.
I Need to Vent. Hello, Facebook.
Couples, who once had to leave the house to fight in public, take their arguments onto Facebook. Whether through nagging wall posts or antagonistic changes to their “relationship status,” the social networking site is proving to be as good for broadcasting marital discord as it is for sharing vacation photos. At 400 million members and growing, Facebook might just replace restaurants as the go-to place for couples to cause a scene.
Estranged spouses increasingly waiting out downturn to divorce
Fill out and sign forms from your iPhone
Lawyers’ Ethical Duties when Storing Client Information Online or Remotely

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