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Bonus Pay Changes Put ‘Massive Wrench’ in Wall Street Divorces
By forcing bankers to accept less up-front cash compensation and more long-term compensation in the form of restricted stock and deferred bonuses, government oversight is making it harder for them to divorce because the benefits are hard to value and divide. The lack of cash bonuses is also making it harder to pay alimony and child support previously ordered that were tied to bonus income.
Judge in Trouble for Posting Anonymous Online Comments about her Cases
Retain Your Records No Longer Than You Must
How long to keep various records.
Judge Hanschen’s House is Worth $1,000
Hanschen managed to convince DCAD that, while the lot is worth $600k, the appraised value is $601k.
Notice of Hearing for e-Filed Documents
In the “Coordinator’s Corner” of this month’s Dallas Bar Association Family Law Section newsletter, the coordinators say the following about getting a hearing set for e-filed motions:
Once you file your motion you can call the clerk to request a setting. You can then send out a letter noticing all parties of the hearing date along with your motion. Or if you prefer to have a clerk sign a Notice of Hearing you can bring a single page Notice of Hearing for the clerk to sign. Please do not bring a copy of the motion that was e-filed for the clerk to sign. The clerk will have to scan the entire document again.”

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