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Teen Files Criminal Harassment Charges Against Mom for Facebook Snooping
Apparently the non-custodial mother hacked into his Facebook and changed the password. I wonder if that’s unauthorized use under the electronic/wiretapping laws. I imagine parents can consent on behalf of their children, but if a non-custodial parent wasn’t awarded those rights, maybe it’s different.

Struggling with Time-Debt
“I recently found myself, late one night, staring at my computer screen with a sinking, hard feeling in my stomach and a bad taste in my mouth. A familiar bad taste. The taste of debt. But I wasn’t looking at my bank statement — I was looking at my calendar.”

Class Action Against Texas Judge Who Only Accepts Filings Via LexisNexis
A class action filed this week accuses LexisNexis and a Texas presiding judge of violating the Texas and U.S. Constitutions by forcing private litigants to use only LexisNexis in order to file court documents in Montgomery County. “It is a violation of the Texas Constitution that requires access to open courts,” said lawyer Robert Mays, who filed the action. “If it was an option, I would have no problem. But the way it is implemented, if you hand documents or mail them to the district clerk, she returns them unfiled.”

Location-Sharing Phone Apps a Predictor of Divorce?
Credit card companies already have profiles of what people tend to buy when married and what they start buying when divorced. They want to prevent a situation where you start missing payments. Is Visa now tapping into location-based social networking apps to see if you’re frequenting businesses that married people don’t?

Lawyers Divorce While Working Billion-Dollar Antitrust Case Together
Not only were married O’Melveney partners working together, representing Advanced Micro Devices Inc. against Intel Corp. in one of the largest antitrust cases ever, but during much of the four-year litigation, they were going through their own long and bitter divorce. Spoiler: Though they didn’t manage to resolve their marital problems, they did persevere for AMD, with Intel agreeing to pay the company $1.25 billion.

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