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Not  much in the way of links, but I wanted to pass along two things that made me laugh and a book link:

Writing Bad Briefs:  How to Lose a Case in 100 Pages or More
“A brief is mystery writing in disguise. Leave the main point for the last line of the last page. You want to stun the judge.”

Wedding Ring Coffin
“When a marriage dies, what should be done with the wedding ring? Until now, millions of wedding rings have been banished to remote corners of sock and underwear drawers. Now you can give these wedding rings the proper final resting place they deserve.  The Wedding Ring Coffin is made of solid wood and has a dark glossy mahogany finish. The interior is lined with black velvet and includes a ring insert to comfortably and securely hold your wedding ring.”

Bargaining with the Devil:  When to Negotiate and When to Fight
In the 70’s, Mnookin wrote one of the most-cited articles on divorce, called “Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law.”  His basic point was that the biggest role of courts in family law is in influencing all the negotiations that go on outside the courtroom.  We read it in law school, and it was a great article.  I tried to find a free version online, but couldn’t.  Anyway, he’s got a new book out, and if you’re into reading about negotiation, you might enjoy it.

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