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Forget the seven-year itch, the real test comes at TWELVE years
The data supporting this article are extremely shaky, but I did think it was interesting that “the majority of couples who divorce have now spent more than a decade together before going their separate ways.”

Five Best Mobile Note-Taking Tools
The explosion of mobile phones has made them a nearly constant companion for many people. It’s only a natural an ever-present device would become a favorite note taking and ubiquitous capture tool. Lifehacker looks at five popular note taking tools.

Red-Flag Search Terms Investigators Use in Discovery
Terms included “just between us,” “stupid,” “discuss,” “big trouble,” “risk,” “let’s talk,” and “too late.”  The search terms came out of a session where 20 lawyers at Jenner & Block were “told to sit down and be as imaginative as you can.” The terms were revised if searches produced too many hits.  (Clint, Julie, and I were recently trying to think of some good family law search terms for finding the best content in large quantities of texts/emails.)

Tips for Couples in a Financial Emergency
“People say ‘they are more likely to know their partner’s weight than their salary,’ according to the May online survey of 2,008 adults conducted by American Express. But in tough times, communication is important for couples to overcome sudden financial strife, such as a job loss, experts say. ‘If you are the spouse that has more of a handle on the finances, don’t take it for granted that the other spouse knows these things,’ says Robert Schmansky, a certified financial planner.”  I know in our line of work, it’s common for one spouse to know a lot about the finances while the other knows very little.

Why Does Mel Gibson Still Get To See His Daughter?
Gender-neutral family laws.

Need a Mortgage? Don’t Get Pregnant
Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have always required that borrowers have enough income to pay for the loan on closing day — and the lender must document that the income is likely to continue for at least three years. Since the disability payments will not continue for three years, these lenders will not count it as qualifying income, brokers said, and will require the new mother to reapply for the mortgage once she returns to work.

Attention Disorders Can Take a Toll on Marriage
Adults with attention disorders often learn coping skills to help them stay organized and focused at work, but experts say many of them struggle at home, where their tendency to become distracted is a constant source of conflict. Some research suggests that these adults are twice as likely to be divorced.

What’s the best product for monitoring your child’s Internet use?
The reviews also include 2 sites that tell you the accounts someone has with various online services.

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