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Prop 8 Details – California’s State Constitution Ban on Gay Marriage Violates Federal Constitution
I’m sure everyone’s been hearing a lot about this federal case.  Here are some resources:
Full text of the court’s opinion – http://metroweekly.com/poliglot/2010/08/04/Perry%20Trial%20Decision.pdf
Summary of legal stuff – http://metroweekly.com/poliglot/2010/08/judge-walker-prop-8-unconstitu.html

Same-Sex Partners can be Liable for Child Support in NY
Since technology now allows a child to have 5 parents (genetic mother, genetic father, surrogate mother, and two adoptive parents) the law is having to play catchup on which of those people have rights or obligations.

Mandatory Binding Arbitration Is Almost Dead
“A provision buried deep within the recently passed Wall Street reform bill has the power to finally kill off mandatory binding arbitration, one of the more dangerous anti-consumer practices still sanctioned by law. While the bill includes a limited provision banishing arbitration agreements from mortgages and home equity loans, it also gives broad powers to the Securities and Exchange Commission and the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to kill off arbitration in all other consumer financial products.”

Barbie Can Now Spy On Your Enemies For You
Oh boy.  The new Barbie Video Girl Doll:  “While this piece of plastic looks like any other Barbie doll, it harbors a secret: a hidden camera in a pendant around her neck, which can record up to 30 minutes of video.”

The Un-Divorced
For some couples, a long separation is financially prudent and easier emotionally. For a few, it’s become a way of life.

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