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Former family associate judge, former board certified family law specialist, now exclusively does QDROs in divorce cases.  $400 flat fee, written approval guaranteed.

 For the Lords of Divorce, a Breakup
Sheresky Aronson Mayefsky & Sloan, with 16 lawyers devoted entirely to matrimonial cases, was widely considered one of the top firms of its kind in New York. Despite their experience negotiating other people’s splits, the demise of this legendary Lexington Avenue firm promises all the passion and particulars of a messy divorce. A former partner has filed a $26 million lawsuit alleging breach of contract and fraud, raising the issue of how firms should handle a senior partner who is transitioning toward retirement.  There are no children to fight over, or property to divide. Instead, the lawsuit is about the details of a verbal agreement to pay the retiring partner $100,000 a year.

 Breaking Up Without Breaking the Bank
Spotlight on a Frisco, Texas, couple and how they’ve used collaborative law.

 Is ‘The Jersey Shore’ a criminal enterprise?

Supreme Court split on the use of Apostrophes
I know we’ve had this debate at Wednesday lunch – if a name or word ends in “s” do you still use ’s to indicate the possessive?  Examples:  Congress’s vs Congress’, Jones’s vs Jones’.  Turns out the US Supreme Court is split as well!  (I always add ’s)

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Judge Emily Miskel was appointed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott as the first judge of the 470th family district court of Collin County, Texas. She graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Law School and she is board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Find Emily on Google+, Facebook, and other social media.

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