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Later:  What does procrastination tell us about ourselves?http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/books/2010/10/11/101011crbo_books_surowiecki
A great article about why we procrastinate and how to change.  One way to think about procrastination is that we are not unified selves but different beings, jostling, contending, and bargaining for control. The person who makes plans and the person who fails to carry them out are not really the same person: they’re different parts of what the game theorist Thomas Schelling called “the divided self.” The various parts of the self are all present at once, constantly competing and bargaining with one another—one that wants to work, one that wants to watch television, and so on. The key is that although the television-watching self is interested only in watching TV, it’s interested in watching TV not just now but also in the future. This means that it can be bargained with: working now will let you watch more television down the road.

Corner Office:  Does Your Team Have the Four Essential Types?

In any great leadership team, you find at least four personalities, and you never find all four of those personalities in a single person.

Federal Judge Scandal
Federal judge arrested for buying drugs and sex from an exotic dancer who turned out to be (uh oh!) a confidential informant.  I like this part – “Camp’s attorney said his client has not made a decision on resigning from his seat on the bench” – oh, to be appointed for life!

Valuing Mel Gibson’s Goodwill in Divorce
The settlement is on track to be the largest divorce payout in Hollywood history, with Robyn to get at least half of the almost $1 billion Mel earned during their 28-year marriage.  But there are still outstanding issues, including something called “good will.”  In the past Mel had a lot of good will that translated into being able to make movies that people would pay to see.  But after Mel’s 2006 and 2010 rants, the good will has evaporated if not disappeared.  As a result, the asset has been greatly devalued.  One of the issues is whether Mel should have to pay Robyn for squandering his good will.  However, while other states recognize the concept of celebrity or personal goodwill, apparently California does not, which is odd. Goodwill in CA divorces is limited to professional practices or businesses. The only way Robyn can argue that Mel’s bigoted diatribes, unhinged voicemails and domestic violence negatively impacted Mel’s goodwill is if she’s referring to the goodwill of his production company.

Schedule Your Work for Increased Productivity
Most people don’t schedule their work. They schedule the interruptions that prevent their work from happening. The real work happens in the cracks between meetings, or worse, after business hours.

If You Want to Catch a Liar, Make Him Draw
Fabricating a story is easy when you only need to tell a few, select details. When you have to draw it out on paper, however, it becomes easier to tell the liars from the truth-tellers.

Be Careful Bragging About Your Sex Tape Money When You Owe Child Support
Devon James has been bragging about making $350,000 selling the sex tape she made with Tiger Woods, and now her ex-husband is asking her to pay the $12,000 she owes him in child support.

What’s Wrong With Your Law Firm Bio?

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