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How to Build Your Workday Around Focus: Tips from the Trenches
Great practical tips.

Hurry Up And Fund That Trust
The estate tax has lapsed for 2010 but could come back with a vengeance next year. Now Congress is trying to put limits on a popular trust families use to avoid the tax.

The Age of Extra
“But just doing your job in an average way — in this integrated and automated global economy — will lead to below-average wages. Sadly, average is over. We’re in the age of ‘extra,’ and everyone has to figure out what extra they can add to their work to justify being paid more than a computer, a Chinese worker or a day laborer. ‘People will always need haircuts and health care,’ says Katz, ‘and you can do that with low-wage labor or with people who acquire a lot of skills and pride and bring their imagination to do creative and customized things.’ “  Looks like our firm’s got the right approach—creative and customized.

Top Ten Secrets of Effective Liars

How to Manipulate People

Divorce Lawyer Sues Opposing Party for Saying Mean Things on Facebook

Court Compels Production of Social Networking Login Information
The court dispelled any notion that information one posts on Facebook is private and found that the relevancy of social networking information outweighed the potential of harm from the disclosure of that information.

Federal case on spoliation sanctions for deleted emails and recordings

Does the Constitution Create the Perfect Crime Scene?

How People Can Gain Access to Private Facebook Profiles
It is UNETHICAL for us to use this method, so I am not recommending that any of us do this.  I just want people to know that this is one way people are gaining access to private profiles.

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