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Wife Files Civil Racketeering Case against Husband for Hiding Assets
Patricia Cohen, the former wife of billionaire hedge fund guru Steven Cohen, has filed a RICO suit against Steve, his brother Donald, and SAC Capital in Southern District court of New York. Patricia is alleging that Steve conspired with others to conceal “significant” marital assets of which she was due after their ten year marriage. She claims to have become suspicious of Steve after hearing about the Biovail case (on a 60 Minutes special), at which time she began her own investigation. She is seeking $300 million.

Best Texas/Alabama Motion for Continuance so Far
Comes now Jon B. Terry, as one of the attorneys for the Defendants and would move to
continue the current trial setting of January 4, 2010 and as grounds therefore would aver as
1. This case was set for trial several months ago before certain monumental events occurred
that were beyond the anticipation of the attorneys and the clients.
2. Since the setting of this case, one of the two great college football teams in this State has
reached levels on a national scale that have not been enjoyed by any team in this State in 17 years next preceding the date hereof….

Setting Stage for ‘Lawyer’s Dream’ Divorce, Tiger Woods’ Wife Retains Attorney Sorrell Trope

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